Our LET'S MOVE 2022 in-school event is nearly here! To make the event a success, we NEED YOUR HELP! 

We a looking for volunteers for the day of the event.  We need station attendants as well as people to help transition our kids, take pictures and cheer and support all of our students who worked so hard to raise money for our school.

Please use the Google Form link below to sign up for your availability on that day!

LET'S MOVE! 2022 Volunteer Sign Up




 As part of  The Harbor View School PTA community, we have several opportunities for families to be a part of the school PTA community through volunteerism. We are currently working on our school schedule and will post volunteer sign-ups for various events and committees as the school year progresses. We look forward to seeing you all and thank you so much for your help as we go through the school year.



Our Harbor View School Learning Garden is looking for people to help our garden grow! We need families to help us with maintenance, planting harvesting, as well as helping our students with hands-on planting as they go into their units of study for science.  If you are interested in being a part of the HVLG Crew please fill out the attached Google form to sign up. Thank you in advance, and we can wait to have you get your hands a little messy!

The Harbor View Learning Garden Crew Sign-Up Form